Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The lesser known attractions of Dausa (Part-2) --- Chand Baori – Oldest , deepest & largest step wells (Baori / Baoli)

After visiting Harshat Mata temple , we left to Chand Baori/ Step well which is adjacent to the 

I have seen many Baoris/ Step wells but Chand Baori/ Step well is one of the most beautiful , well maintained  Baori/ Step well. It is the oldest, deepest & largest Baori/ Step well of India.

In Hindi Step wells are known as “Baori or Baoli.” Which act as storage tanks to store water and keep it cool in olden times. 

Baoris/ Step wells were also used for community gathering by locals during summers as temperature of water used to be 5-6 degrees cooler than the temperature of surface.

Chand Baori was built by King Chand of Chauhan dynasty during 8th – 9th century AD, it is 19.5 meters deep with 3500 narrow steps arranged in a perfect symmetry (13 stories) which is the main attraction

Nowadays going  down to Chand Baori is barred by government because of few incidents of misshapen took place  in the past thus fencing has  been done to stop people to reach the same. 

We were amazed by the geometrical structure of Chand Baoris/ Step wells. 

We clicked pictures of the well behind the fence only. There the tourists were mostly foreigners who come Jaipur through Travel agents. 

One can see the broken parts of the structure in the side gallery.

Chand Baori is no longer an active Baori & it is maintained by Archaeological survey of India.

Next destination was Ruined Dausa fort.


  1. Very beautiful description of chand baori,,, thanks sir

  2. This baoli must have been reconstructed after the 13 th century because the arches are like the so called True Arch of Balban's tomb. A humble suggestion- please enlarge the images ro that they can be better appreciated. A question is lurking in my mind- How did the people lift water from the tank back to the ground floor?

    1. Thanks for your suggestion regarding pictures , will take care in future.

  3. Very nice write up, but larger size pictures would have increased the charm further.

    1. Thanks for appreciation and will take care of your suggestion in my next post.

  4. Chand Baori always fascinated me, whenever I seen pictures of it. Unique.
    Loved your pictures.