Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Binsar Farms – Dreams to Reality

India used to be mainly called agriculture oriented country but in this modern era everyone is moving away from their roots and adopting urbanization. But there are a few who believe that technology can be blended with our traditional practices to increase the productivity .

Recently we attended the inauguration ceremony of “ BINSAR FARMS” at village JantiKhurd , Sonipat, Haryana where we witnessed such an initiative by few audacious intellect from IT field who set up the farm for yielding milk with an idea to provide healthy future by providing nutritious, pure & chemical free Cow milk in bottle packing  to the society. 

Envisioned  by Pankaj Nawani, Deepak Raj & Sukhvinder Saraf all software engineer by their profession "Binsar Farms" is later founded by four partners.

 The idea evolved in 2009 when they reunion on a candid and relatively unplanned to trek “Doodhatoli – Uttrakhand”. Doodhatoli means “Bowl of Milk”.

In 2012 team started their ground work with the help of 30 years experienced New Zealand expert in the global dairy sector, Earl Rattray.

Why cow milk ?? As all of us know that in India cow is known as “Gaay Mata”. The cow is given this honour because the quality of the cow milk is almost same as mother’s milk unless deliberately make it adulterated by milkmen or the companies. Cow milk is considered as a complete food for the infants. Milk is not only important for kids only but equally required at old age for the bones. 

Everyone around the village witnessed how three engineers and a foreigner handled challenges to make the dream successful for themselves and the society. 

Inauguration program started with Pooja  & Hawan followed by Uttrakhandi folk dance. 

During inauguration function we got the chance to listen some of the renowned scientists and experts  of India like Prof Samir Brahmchari (Ex- DG, CSIR) , Dr Ajit Kumar ( Vice Chancellor , NIFTEM) , Dr. R.S. Khanna (Ex- Regional Director, National Dairy Development Board) , Jane Cunliffe (Trade Commissioner New Zealand to South Asia ) and Earl Rattray (Chairman – Binsar Farm).

Earl Rattray

Prof Samir Brahmchari

Dr Ajit Kumar

Dr. R.S. Khanna
Jane Cunliffe

Pankaj Nawani - CEO , Binsar Farms

After this session we started our long waiting to visit the plant. 

Binsar farm fenced area spread over 10 acres , with 100 acres attached for growing fodder for cow feed  which help in providing quality milk. The plant has mainly three parts :-

1.      Milk harvesting area (milking Parlor) , where we saw automated plant where cow milk is extracted without human touch.

2.      Storage tank , after harvest cow milk stored in chillier tanks at 4 degree celsius. 

3.      Bottling unit , here cow milk is packed in bottle by automated machines. 

After visiting and closely watching all processing units we actually thought nowadays when everything is adulterated we got the ray of hope yes we have our intellects who in spite of receiving high education they have a good thought to serve the society with an honest intention,we feel proud and extend our gratitude to such youngsters who have an urge to change the society and inspire our young generation. After having lunch we left for home with new learning / thoughts and ideas. 


  1. interesting ..and good to see people doing good work beyond just IT after coming back..

    1. Thanks Prasad ji for your comment ! People doing something positive for the society should be appreciated.

  2. Nice to see your comment after a long long time :-)

    Thanks for going through the post & liking it.

  3. सर अभी बहुत लम्बा कमेन्ट लिखा था पता नहीं कहाँ गया :(

  4. बिनसर टीम को हार्दिक शुभकामनायें और सफलता निश्चित है क्योंकि नियत साफ़ है..
    सचमुच सराहनीय पहल देश और देशवासियों के लिए ... सचमुच स्वस्थ देशवासी ही स्वस्थ देश का निर्माण कर सकते हैं...

  5. Such nice initiative by the young fellows! Impressive!
    I wish them luck and success!
    And again one more elaborative and informative post from your end! This time something new in taste!
    Nicely described.

    1. Thanks Toshi for you motivational comment.

  6. A welcome initative. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Binsar team definitely deserves a pat on the back. Commendable work. I wish them all the success.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your motivational comment.

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