Sunday, January 17, 2016

Basai Wetland - Less travelled Bird watching site

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Trip Organised by
Travel correspondents / bloggers (TCBG)
Bird watcher expert
Mr. K.B. Singh
Abhinav Singh
Mahesh Semwal

Our Group with expert

How plan was made 

I am not an avid birdwatcher although I visited some of the national parks like Sultanpur National park – Gurgaon (Haryana) , Jim Corbett- Ramnagar (Uttrakhand) , Khijadiya National Park – Jamnagar (Gujarat). I really  don’t have much knowledge about birds but still have enjoyed safaris and bird watching to experience  the beauty and the calmness of the jungle.

When I got the opportunity with my family to visit the “BASAI WETLANAD” under the guidance of expert Mr. K.B.Singh which was organised by Travel correspondents / Bloggers (TCBG), we grabbed the opportunity for two reasons, first the location was close to my place and it is actually very difficult to wake the children  up early morning in the month of December , secondly kids will  get  to gain some knowledge about the nature’s  wonderful small creatures  from the expert .  


Basai wetland is  a marsh land  not like other National parks where one can find entry gate / ticket counter etc hence we all decided to meet at Rajiv Chowk , exit -10 , NH-8, Gurgaon.  

On Dec. 26th, 2015 we packed our bag with a camera, water bottle , a pair of binoculars and light breakfast and left for Rajiv chowk which is hardly 5 mins drive from my home. Some of the members were already reached before the decided time.  Around 7.30 AM Mr. K.B.Singh reached and we all followed him to Basai wetland. 

From Rajiv chowk we have to take right turn and after around 2 kms away take a  left turn for  Basai road. Go staright and after 8-9 kms you will  cross flyover  , just after 100-200 mtrs again take a right turn and follow un-tar road (Katcha rastha)  which goes to Basai wetland. 

About Basai Wetland 

Basai wetland is home of many migrated / endangered birds situated around 7-8 kms before Saultanpur National park which is not very poupular , mainly visited by avid bird watcher. Thanks to Travel correspondent / Blogger (TCBG) to give the opportunity to visit this less visited site.

Basai wetland  extended  over a square kilometre with most part being permanently under water as a result of seepage from the canal from the Gurgaon Treatment Plant and sewage.
As per the government data in 2003 there were more than 240 species of birds , now one can hardly see 40-50 species. 

Threat for Basai wetland

Basai wetland is facing threat of being vanished  as Dwarka expressway is coming up and due to which a lot of construction work  has been happening in that area. 

Kindly visit this place before we lose it in the name of development and urbanization. 

After visiting the wetland some of the members  proceeded for “Sultanpur National Park” also which is 7-8 kms from Basai wetland.Due to some personal commitment we were not able to visit this time but have been to that place earlier. 

Anyone interested to read post on Sultanpur national park. Link is given below.

Looking forward to visit some other sites too with Travel correspondents / Bloggers.

Wish you Happy Travelling.


  1. I feel both happy and sad reading this post... happy because this is one of the most beautiful places in Gurgaon, sad as I don't know how long will it last considering all the concrete jungle coming around it...

    1. Proper planning is required otherwise we will loose such sites.

  2. I second Prasad, it would be sad to lose the place to more of concrete.

  3. Kindly visit this place before we lose it in the name of development and urbanization.Well & truly said Mahesh ji . In fact We are loosing our real treasure for the artificial development . Pictures are too good and saying a lot of words !!

    1. Thanks Yogi Bhai for going through the post and leaving comment.

  4. lovely images. Thanks to this post I am 'visiting' Basai virtually. I really liked your enthusiam and I was told that Semwals were the keenest bird watchers :)

  5. It was a weekend well spent. Backyard tourism at its best.

    1. Thanks for going through the post and leaving comment.