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Jim Corbett - Day 1

Jim Corbett 

                     * Jim Corbett - Day 1 
                     * Jim Corbett - Day 2 

Ghumakkars always look for long weekends. Every year we  try to make the ideal use of Dushera  holidays as Schools  are also closed during this  time so we plan for family trip. This time we planned to visit Amritsar but due to some disturbance in the city we changed our plan.To change the program & decide a place in the last moment is always challenging  with a big family and so we finally decided to visit “Jim Corbett”.

Family Pic

Making arrangement in last minute was difficult but made it possible with the support of our old Ghumakkar friends  and a localite “Kaustubh Pandey” . I called him and he assured me to arrange for the permit / safari/ accommodation etc.

We started our journey around 6.00 AM from our residence Gurgaon, we found some traffic on NH-24 nearby Indrapuram but rest of the journey was hassle free. 

We reached Gajraula around 9.30 AM where we stopped for breakfast at our all-time favourite place “Tadka”.  We ordered some mixed varities of Paranthas and kids ordered Pizza from Domino’s which is located adjacent to Tadka. 

TADKA - Gajraula

After relishing breakfast we continued our further  journey and reached hotel “ Tiger House Corbett” Which was newly constructed and located just 3 kms before Ramnagar and close to Bijrani Gate. The hotel is surrounded by large Mango and litchi trees which gave us the opportunity to stay close to nature.

Rooms are spacious, comfortable and maintained. One of the rooms with the floor bed was the best room of the Hotel. 

Unfortunetly the owner of the hotel Amrit Pandey was not in town but he was constantly in touch with me on mobile and ensured that all our need should be addressed on time. 

Wonderful hospitality by Amrit and his team , we were over whelmed when he asked his team to arrange a Cake and other stuffs free of cost for my wife’s Birthday.  As per my family’s feedback, they did not feel that they are staying in a hotel but felt so homely and comfortable as if they were staying in some relative’s place. 

The best part of the hotel was “Food”. It was delicious and cooked fresh as per our requirement.
After having our lunch we all left for Dhangari Forest museum which is located around 20 kms from our hotel and 17 kms from Ramnagar on Ramnagar – Ranikhet road. 

The both side of the road are covered with dense forest and it took around half an hour to reach over there. We parked our car outside the gate of museum and approached  the ticket counter. 

On the way to Museum and Girja Mandir

At the entrance of the gate on the left hand side there is a statue of “Jim Corbett” and on the right hand side there is a waiting room for the visitors. 

Inside the museum the main attraction for the kids are stuffed skins of real baby elephant , tiger and leopard. 

We saw Skelton of tiger and skull of elephant.

One can go through a lot of information regarding Jim Corbett Reserve Park through the maps and pictures there in the museum. 

Once we were out of the museum we clicked some family photos  and  on the way back we visited Garjia temple which is 3 kms from Museum and 14 kms from Ramnagar.

Entry Gate - Garjia Mandir

Garjia Temple is located in the village of Garjia and situated on a large rock on  the bank of Kosi River and visited by thousands of devotees during Kartik Poornima .

From the parking area ,temple is reachable by foot . After crossing bridge we got down and purchased Prasad  to reach the temple.One has to climb steep stairs.  We took around 15 mins to reach at the  top as the staircase was very narrow and at the top where temple is situated the space for the temple is very less . Once we were down , visted Bhairav temple and came back to our hotel.
The view nearby temple is mesmerising.During monsoon it is difficult to visit the temple as it is  turned to a mini island.  

On the way to Garjia Mandir

Legend is that in order to control the over flooded river Kosi, Bhairav Dev the devotee of Lord Shiva asked Garjiya his sister to marry Kosi and reside there itself to control the angriness of the river. Obeying his order, his sister Girjya married Kosi and start residing in the rock located in the Kosi River. Girjya, being one of the avatar of Goddess parvati, blessed the entire place divine with her presence and it is believed that after Garjiya Devi resided at the rock, river Kosi never flooded again.

View around Garjia Temple

View around Garjia Temple

By the time we reached the parking place it was dark. On reaching hotel , manager informed that he managed to arrange permit for newly opened zone “Dhela” for jungle safari. 

We had our dinner and slept soon as we were tired and next day we were to leave  around 6.00 AM for safari.  



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  3. One more excellent post with beautiful landscapes

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  5. Have been to Jim Corbett only once, but I remember it as a very scenic place! Waiting for your other posts in the series!

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  6. Nice post! We are also planning to visit Jim Corbett! Your post will definitely help! :)

    1. From Roorkee you can visit chakrata / Lansdowne etc

  7. Informative since we are also planning a Corbett trip. Thank you!

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