Monday, August 24, 2015

Pratapgarh Farm- Unlimited Fun and food

One day my sister in law and her family had a visit at my place. We all were exploring the idea of having a day out get together as we had weekend ahead and children were really after us to take them out,so we thought of visiting any nearby place. We didn’t want to visit a far off place and  should not be too far also from NCR  where we along with our children can enjoy in group.  When I suggested “Pratapgarh Farm” everybody accepted and date was finalised for the trip.

On the fixed date we made necessary arrangements with towel, clothes too for changing as there is a provision of mud bath and bath under tube well. Kept some snacks for kids & left around 8.00 AM. Pratapgarh Farm is located about 50km from Gurgaon on Gurgaon – Rohtak road in Jhajjar –Haryana.We drove to reach Rajiv chowk  and then took Basai Road which is merged ahead with Badli – Jhajjar road.

On the way to Jajjar
Once you reach Jhajjar, enquire with the local people about the way to Pratapgarh Farm. There is a small signboard on Talao village road so be vigilant and keep eye on left side so that you don’t miss the left turn, from this turn Pratapgarh Farm is about 4 Kms.

Driving on Kaccha road (untar road) with lush green farms and trees on both sides gives you a real village driving experience.  

We reached Pratapgarh Farm around 10 AM , parked our cars. Parking is free here. First we went to ticket counter .During our visit the cost of the ticket for adult was 780/- & 425/- for kids inclusive of all rides / activities & unlimited food.

They provided a separate relaxing space for the accompanying driver and offered lunch @ Rs 100/- per person (for driver). Driver is not allowed to enter the campus and indulge in activities. If someone is interested, they allow on the payment of full package charges.

After buying tickets we reached at entrance gate where we were greeted with traditional style by putting tilak (vermilion) on our forehead and tickets were checked, kindly keep this ticket safe as some of the rides are for one time only and punching is required.  

Once you are inside it gives a real feel of rural India where our kids experience the rural life as they have never been to any village. Pratapgarh farm is mirror of local village life and culture.

We straight away went for Breakfast. The buffet breakfast was under a big tent and is served from 9.00 AM to 12 PM. You can enjoy your breakfast under the ethnic mud hut or in open lawn under tent.   

In Breakfast they served stuffed paranthas/white butter / curd / chatni- pickle and Poori Sabji.

Whole day  Neembupani / butter milk/ Tea / Pakoras/ Jalebi / Bajre ki roti and khichri / makkai ki roti / sarsoon ka saag etc, are served nonstop.

Water facility is available in every few meters which is very much needed as we visited this place in the month of April.

The lunch is served from 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM  at the same place where they serve Breakfast. In Lunch they serve  Missi/Tawa Roti/ Tandoori Roti, Vegetable Poolao / Jeera Rice, Dal Makhni / Rajma or Cholle (one), Sarson Ka Saag or Seasonal Vegetable, Paneer Shahi, Kadhi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Chatni, Achar, Gaajar Ka Halwa, Moong Ka Halwa / Rawa Halwa/ Kheer (one), Papad, Chatni, Achar and Jaggery, Green Salad.

After having Breakfast we enjoyed camel ride and bulla cart ride than we tried our hand in making  Pottery , grinding grains, making butter millk  and weaving thread from cotton which gave us real joy of being in the village.

The park is divided into  6 Lawns where different type of activities/ rides could be enjoyed. Some of the  rides can be enjoyed only one time like Archery / Airgun/ Gulel / Dart Camel ride / Bulla cart ride. Rest of the activities can be used unlimited. 

After enjoying the activities one can shake his/her legs on DJ Music or Been and Dholk music or can take rest on charpaias (cots spread at every few distance) 

After enjoying the activities we had our lunch and proceeded for the left out activities . Enjoyed Gulli danda / lattoo/ Kanche (marbles).

If someone is interested for massage or mehndi , free facility is available over there.

Finally we reached mud bath place where you can reach after crossing Burma bridge which is the main attraction of Pratapgarh Farm. There are three different ponds for the bath, One with mud , second pond  to clean the mud and third one for tube well bath . In the scorching heat of April, tube well bath was a very soothing experience. 

This trip was one of the most memorable get together. We all were tired by evening as we covered almost all the available activities and left for home around 5 PM.

I hope you too enjoyed this trip with us.


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  2. Thanks for the lovely virtual tour.Had a nice time in reading this post.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. Looks like so much fun and perfect spot for family outing.
    Great funfilled pics.

  4. This looks so cool..Enjoyed this trip through your narration and great pics..!

  5. Thanks for enjoying the post and comment.

  6. What lovely photos and fully enjoy with your family.......

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  7. A great place to unwind urban stress!!

  8. That's an awesome outing you seem to have had...i like the idea of spending time with locals and learning what they do! Great pics to excite us!

  9. This looks like so much fun, the food, the mud bath and the activities!

    1. Lot of fun and closed to Gurgaon, Surprised to know that traveler like you have not been there :-)

  10. Looks so much fun & a perfect family outing.

    I always feel that Delhi has more places to within hours than Mumbai. I liked mud bath & those statues. :)

    Definitely a place to visit.

    1. Thanks for your comment .Visit while your next trip to Delhi.

  11. Hi Mahesh

    My kid Rachit went to this place and I was curious to know how the place is. I am so pleased to read about it in such great details.

    And yes, you seem completely immersed in all activities, be it mud-bath, kanche, gilli-danda, shooting and everything ... Kids also seemed to enjoy all the acivities. Rightly commented by many, it was a fun-unlimited day for the family.

    Keep going, keep enjoying and keep on sharing.

    1. Hi Manish,
      Thanks for going through the post. Pratapgarh Farm is worth visiting place with family. You too visit this place and right time will be march /april.

  12. I feel as though I went on a wonderful family holiday after seeing your lovely photos.