Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tanah lot temple - Bali


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Our next and final destination was Tanah lot temple, Bali visit is incomplete without visiting this temple. It is located about 20 kms from Denpasar.

Tanah lot temple

We were amused to see the beautiful gate of the temple which we later we were surprised to know that it was actually the ticket counter for the  parking. We purchased parking tickets which cost us Rp. 5000/-per person. As we entered we appraised how much famous  the temple was as the whole parking lot was overcrowded. Our driver too parked the vehicle and we left to visit the temple.

Ticket counter - Parking 

We purchased the entry ticket to visit the temple for Rp. 30000/- per person  , after that we walked down a busy street lane with restaurants and souvenir shops towards the coast.

Entry gate 

Tanah means Earth and lot means Sea , meaning “Land in the Middle of the sea”. The temple itself is accessible only at low tide, when a sandy foot path appears between the shore and the temple.

Before entering the main temple we explored the temple complex .First we visited Enjung Galuh temple which is dedicated to Goddess “Devi Sri” as Goddess of power (Shakti). We found this place is best to click pictures.

Enjung Galuh temple

After that we headed towards “ Batu Bolong temple” which is standing on a hollow rock.

Batu Bolong temple

Finally we headed towards main temple.  Opposite to the temple there is a holy snake cave & it is said that there is a black & white snake which protect the temple.

Holy snake cave

There is a holy spring in Tanah lot temple and it is believed by the locals that this holy water can cure several diseases.

Out side holy spring entrance 

Holy spring 

Only local Hindus are allowed inside the temple, others can just take a round of the temple.

This temple is famous for the sunset, one can see a lot of professional photographers waiting to shoot the sunset view. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day for us & we could not enjoy the actual sight of the sunset .

On the way back we purchased some souvenirs from the shops on the way of parking & left for the hotel.

 Pic with localities 

We had our dinner at an Indian restaurant on the way back to our hotel.I had to have a shower even because of the extreme humidity in the atmosphere. Soon we left for the airport.

I hope you must have enjoyed the  post. 


  1. The temple looks incredible! I love that gate...

    1. Bali visit is incomplete without visiting Tanah lot Temple.Thanks for your comment.

  2. The location looks so scenic! And ask me about the sunset not happening due to the clouds!

    1. It's very disheartening when u wait for something and it does not happened , but we enjoyed the scenic beauty :-)

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. The temple looks great, offering some scenic views. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You are welcome Jatin , thanks for going through the post.

  4. Nice post :) loved the choices of pictures

  5. Fantastic! Nice clicks. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Ahmed & thanks for going through the post.

  6. What a beautiful setting! Great pics.

  7. Nice shots.Lovely way to spend there.Had a virtual delight.Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Lovely view of "Batu Bolong temple” which is standing on a hollow rock.


    Sriram & Krithiga

  8. I feel as if I was there with your wonderful photo post.

  9. The sunset in Tanah Lot was spectacular! And watching Kecak dance is a must there