Monday, July 20, 2015

Taman Ayun temple - Bali

After exploring the Goa Gajah temple we left for our next desination “Taman   Ayun temple”. 

Taman  Ayun temple

It is located in Mengwai village which is built by king of Mengwai dynasty in1634.The temple is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Temple is located at about 18 kms from Denpasar & 08 kms from Ubud.

Entry gate - After parking 

Main entry gate 

It is also known as second largest temple of Bali.The temple is surrounded by ponds & landscape gardens in front of courtyard.

Ponds &  Gardens 

Ponds &  Gardens 

Ponds &  Gardens 

The entry ticket for the temple is Rp. 15000/- .After moving couple of steps ahead from the entry gate we got to know that there the  cock fight takes place in the temple around festival times. 

Cock fighting place

Beyond the moat, the temple lies on a slightly raised ground. A tall stone gateway separates the forecourt from the central court, while the inner court is surrounded by a stone wall. 

The main gate to the temple open only during ceremonies &  the visitors are not allowed to enter inner sanctum of the temple but can take a walk around the temple. There are 11 pagodas like structure with black roofs. We took a round of temple & left the place.

Gate to main temple open only during ceremonies 

We were feeling quite hungry so we had our lunch before visiting our last and final destination “Tanah lot temple”.

Last post on Bali will be coming soon....................


  1. It's such a beautiful place...gorgeous!

  2. From all your posts on Bali, it looks Bali is so well maintained. Unique architectural designs...

  3. It looks so impressive! I think it is used a lot in promotional materials as well for Bali!

  4. All in ruins, yet seems to be maintained well. So happy about that. Great sights framed.