Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Uluwatu Temple - BALI ( Part -II)


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On reaching the Hotel we were welcomed by refreshing local drink of Bali which was awesome. 

After check in & lunch we left for sightseeing. We hired a taxi for half day which costed us Rupiah .275000 but don’t get shocked as theirs local currency is equivalent to 1600 INR.  (1 Ruphiah = 170 (approx. INR).

We headed to the famous temple of Bali “Uluwatu Temple” where Kreak dance ( Ramayana)  is performed  when the sun is about to set in an open theatre.

We took around 40 minutes to reach the temple and purchased the ticket for 20,000 Rupiah / person from the ticket counter.Don’t panic check the currency once again.
If you are wearing short pants than Sarong is mandatory which is available out side ticket counter free of cost which you have to return back while going back. 

Ulu means Head and Watu means rock. Uluwatu temple is located on a high cliff of rock  which is 70 meters above Indian ocean.

The temple is dedicated to monkeys , here you will see a large number of monkeys  who literally snatch things and eatables from visitors. 

We were mesmerised to see the view of the ocean and its neat and clean beach from the cliff of the temple.

Sunset in Uluwatu was breathtaking , it won’t be wrong if I say that it was my life’s best sunset I ever saw which was actually an unforgettable moment.

After exploring  the temple we waited there around 45 minutes for Kreak Dance which starts around sunset. Kreak dance is performed every day during sunset at Uluwatu temple. It is an epic Ramayana story.  The organiser for the show sells the tickets just half an hour before the show & the ticket costs 100,000 Rupiah/person. Along with tickets they give away the print out of the details regarding Kreak Dance in different languages.  

After getting tickets we walked towards the open theater where the show was scheduled. There is no light in the theater. Entire place was lit up by using oil lamps.

 Kreak Dance  is the most unique Balinese dance  where they don’t use any instrument for music,  bare chest men with checked robe around waist sit in circle and narrate the rhyme with rhythm.

The play took almost 40 minutes to get over where different scene  of Ramayana were depicted through the performance . 

It was completely dark when the show was ended. 

We captured the performance and performers and left the place.

On the way close to our hotel we had our dinner and our visit ended for the day.
Will take you to few  other famous destinations in Bali in  my forthcoming posts.......


  1. That was such a good experience for you!
    Great captures of the performances.

  2. The sunset, the performance at sunset sounds incredible. So in Bali how do you carry the local currency in such high quantity :D

    1. Thanks Mridula for liking the post!

      Not much issue , 10K, 50 K & 100 K notes are available :-)

  3. Amazing experiences, amazing snapshots!

  4. Beautiful series of images from the temple.

  5. Breathtaking photography - the picture of the cliff leaves me speechless.

  6. Thanks for this.. Detailed information. Added to my wishlist. Heading there in November

  7. My late entry here after reading the first :-) Nicely narrated post with photos that are treat to the eyes. Now over to the next post :-)