Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hidden Places of Uttrakhand – CHAKRATA & LAKHAMANDAL (Day -2)

Next day we got up at 5.00 am to see the Sun rise but unfortunately we were not able to see it because of the cloudy weather. After having our Breakfast we started our journey for our next destination “Kanasar”. The road was good as compared to Deoban. Kanasar is located on Tuni highway at a distance of 30 kms from Chakrata. On the way we passed through the Apple / Pulam garden.

On the way to Kanasar 

Fresh Pulam

Pulam Garden

Apple Garden

In a relaxing mood 
Kanasr is famous for Asia’s oldest & biggest Deodar tree with a circumference of 6.35 meters. 



Temple - Kanasar
We had our tea in FRH & moved ahead.

Way to FRH - Kanasar 

FRH - Kanasar

waiting for our Tea

Fun Time - Kanasar

After a ride of two & half hours , we reached Ramtal Garden . This was the only disappointing place for us. There was no Ram , no Tal (Pond) & no garden. . Ram Tal garden is a Horticulture garden which is located on Mussoorie road at a distance of 10-12 kms from Chakrata. There were couple of Apple , Pulam & Rhododendron (Burans) trees.

Ramtal Garden 

Ramtal Garden 
After wards we visited Chilmiri Neck , it is located at a distance of 3-4 kms from Chakrata. Chilmiri Neck is a cantonment area , passing through the Army flats.We reached at the peak from where the view was unforgettable.

Way to Chilmiri Neck 

Chilmiri Neck 

Chilmiri Neck 

View from Chilmiri Neck 
We had our lunch at Shere Punjab Hotel – Sadar Bazar , which is very famous restaurant of Chakrata. You can ask any one about the location of Sardarji’s Hotel in Sadar Bazar . Food is too good but you have to ignore the ambiance. In Chakrata this is the only place where you can get the best food I think in whole Chakrata. Don’t forget to buy Chakrata’s famous Rajma, although it is quite costly (Rs. 120/- per Kg.) but it is worth. If some one wants to purchase army jackets, Sadar Bazar is the best place for that.

By the time we finished our Lunch & shopping it was just 4.00 PM. We thought of visiting Tiger fall which was scheduled for the next day. Tiger fall is approx 20 kms from Chakrata. We moved a couple of kms only the rain started but we continued our journey in hope that by the time we reach tiger fall , rain would stop. But unfortunately it was raining continuously .After 12 kms of drive there was a patch of muddy road where our car was skidding so moving further was not at all safe on that narrow road. Our driver also suggested that it is not safe to continue. We were so disheartened & we came back to our hotel.

For the next day we planned to start our journey early by 7.30 after visiting Tiger fall we had to visit Lakhamandal which is about 70 kms from Chakrata & than get back to Dehradun.

Tiger fall & Lakhamandal will be covered in next post............................


  1. What a beautiful place! So calm everywhere!
    Wonderful spot to holiday.

    1. Nice to see your comments after a long time.

      Thanks !

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    1. Thanks Yogi for going through the post & leaving comment !

  3. Excellent Travelogue. That caption besides the Tree was very

  4. Loved your description of a beautiful really hidden place of Uttrakhand ..

  5. A perfect blog :)
    You have sprinkled the right combination of words and pictures..enjoyed reading about your experience. I may be visiting soon to Chakarata and have heard that there are only few good hotels in Chakrata. Happy travelling.

    1. Thanks for going through the post and liking it.

      yes you are right , there are limited options to stay in Chakrata , the best one is snow view from where you can see mesmerizing sunrise & market is also at walking distance from this hotel.

  6. बहुत ही अच्छा विवरण चकराता के बारे में महेश जी