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The Hidden Places of Uttrakhand – CHAKRATA & LAKHAMANDAL (Day -I)

Since my childhood , I have been hearing about Chakrata from my father who spent his considerable time there because my grand father was working with forest Department & posted in Chakrata.


We had been planning to visit Chakrata for a long time & finally we got a chance to visit there in June 2011. We started our journey on June 6th , 2011 from my in law’s place (Dehradun) at 8.30 AM.

There are two routes for Chakrata from Dehradun , one via Kempty fall (Mussoorie) & other one is via Vikasnagar / Kalsi. We took Vikasnagar / Kalsi route passing by ONGC , FRI & IMA in between on the way to Chakrata. Due to the low traffic in the morning we reached Herbertpur with in half an hour which is around 40 kms from Dehradun.

On the way to Kalsi
From Herbertpur circle the left road goes to Asan Barrage / Ponta Sahib & right one goes to Dakpathar / Vikasnagar / Kalsi /Chakrata. In next 10-15 minutes we reached Kalsi ( 50 Kms from Dehradun)

On the way to Kalsi

Kalsi is a small village & part of Dehradun district situated at the confluence of river Yammuna & Tons. This place offers glories panorama of natural world.


Entrance Gate "Ashoka Rock Edict"
It is famous for “Ashoka Rock Edict” which was discovered by a Britisher John Forest in 1860. The ethics & life time idols of king Ashoka have been inscribed on the rock which is 10 feet in length, 10 feet in height & 8 feet in width. The Language of the Edict is Pali.

Ashoka Rock Edict

Ashoka Rock Edict
Ashoka Rock Edict is located very close to Kalsi Forest check post Gate. After spending some time over there we started over journey further towards Chakrata. Till two years back there was a gate system from Kalsi to Chakrata, one way traffic was allowed at a fixed time . The gate used to open in the interval of two & half hours but now the gate system has been discontinued for the last two years.

Way to "Ashoka Rock Edict"

Close up of "Ashoka Rock Edict"
After Kalsi one can feel the change in weather & the view on the way to Chakrata is mesmerizing.

Mesmerizing view on the way to Chakrata

after crossing village SAIYA

About to reach Chakrata
We visited the temple Chinta Haran Mahadev which is approx.4-5 kms from main Chakrata. Here one can see a huge original Shivling. This temple was built by Smt. Misori Devi & Smt. Tulsi Devi , It was inaugurated by Brigadier R.N. Mishra. The temple is located at height and you have to trek for 10 minutes before reaching the temple.

Entrance - Chinta Haran Mahadev 

Trek to Chinta Haran Mahadev

Temple - Chinta Haran Mahadev

Shivling - Chinta Haran Mahadev 

View from Temple
We reached Hotel , checked in and ordered our Lunch. By the time we finished with our lunch it was 2.00 PM .We planned to visit Deoban. As informed by our Hotel owner that the road condition of Deoban was very bad so it is difficult to cover it by a small cover. It is advisable to take a SUV for Deoban. We hired a Scorpio for the trip.

Deoban – As the name is self explanatory “God’s own Forest”. It is located at 16 kms from Chakrata at the height of 2865 mtrs. from the sea level. Driving through the dense forest & hairpin bends was an adventurous trip to Deoban.

On the way to "Deoban"


On the way to Deoban , you will pass through “ Spider Colony” , a training Institute (Rock Climbing) of Army, here photography is prohibited. After 10 kms from Spider Colony there is Y junction , left road goes to Deoban & right road goes to Mundali.

Motarable road is till FRH , from there 15 minutes walk take you to “VYAS Shikar”. It is supposed to be a place where he wrote Mahabharata. Vyas Shikar gives Panorama view of Himalayan peaks. One can see Nanda Devi peak, Trishul peak , Banderpunch Peaks etc from here. Localites informed us that in a clear weather one can see Wall of China too from here.

Vyas Shikar - Deoban

On the way to Vyas Shikar

on the way to Vyas Shiker 

Vyas Shiker

Vyas Shiker - Deoban

View from Vyas Shiker 

Outside FRH - Deoban

FRH - Deoban
After the photo session we started our journey back to Chakrata , on the way we had our evening Tea & reached back to hotel. Night was quite cold due to heavy rain.We had our early dinner & went to bed.



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