Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lion Park – Johannesburg


1. Rhino & Lion Park -- Johannesburg (South Africa)
2. Wonder Caves & Apartheid Museum  -- Johannesburg (South Africa)
3. Revisit to Johannesburg  -- Johannesburg (South Africa)
4. Lion Park -- Johannesburg (South Africa)
5. Sterkfontein caves -- Johannesburg (South Africa)
6. Johannesburg city tour  -- Johannesburg (South Africa)

Next three days were busy with meetings, last day meeting was over around at 4.00 PM .We were back to our rooms. We dumped our stuff, changed clothes and left to explore the hotel before to have our dinner.

Next day our flight was at 10.30 PM as per South African time, so we were having almost one full day to explore Johannesburg.

We planned our visit in this way that after our breakfast, we would leave hotel along with luggage. On the way to the Airport we would visit Lion Park , Sterkfontein cave & have Johannesburg city tour which was supposed to be finished by 6.00 PM. And after that we could reach Airport by 7 – 7.30 PM.

As per our plan we left the hotel at 8.30 PM for Lion Park. After a drive of half an hour we reached Lion Park.

Entrance – Lion Park

The Lion park was established in Nov. 1966 by the world famous Chipperfields Circus. The Lion Park is neither a game reserve nor a Zoo. It has been split into two areas – one area for herbivores such as Zebra, Giraffe and various types of antelopes and other grass eating animals .Rest of the area was for Carnivores.
The Herbivores roam freely around the area and visitor are able to view the animals at close proximity at any time.

The carnivore camps, which currently house three prides of lions and a clan of hyena, are protected by barriers and fences to prevent the different prides from attacking one another. By nature, lions are protective of their territory and can become fierce and aggressive if other lions or prides enter their domain.

Most of the lions at the Park are the progeny of lions that were originally from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Northern Gauteng and Botswana.

Lion park is having more than 80 lions, it includes cubs & white lions.

After parking the vehicle our driver took us to that place from where we had to buy the ticket to visit the Park.

Self drive – Adult R 150
Children (4-12) R 75
Guided game drive (DAY) – Adult R 150
Children (4-12) R 75
Guided game drive (NIGHT) Adult R 150
Children (4-12) R 75
1st Sep – 30 April 8.30 AM – 9.00 PM
1st May – 31st Aug 8.30 AM – 8.00 PM

Outside Ticket counter

We had a good laugh over the creative names given to washrooms i.e.Lion and Lioness instead of Men and Women. 


After taking tickets we passed through a souvenir shop to visit Cub Park, we waited almost for half an hour before entering the Cub park because at a time only 6-8 visitors are allowed to enter.

Inside Cub Park we are allowed to touch & play with cubs. Last year also I got chance to play with cubs in Rhino and Lion park. Although it was my second time experience to play with cubs but I was equally excited as I was last time.

Cub Park

In Rhino & Lion Park one has to shell out R 30 but in the Cub Park and in the Lion park its free.

After visiting the park we came out , washed our hands and went to feed Giraffe & ostrich. The feed for Giraffe & ostrich is available @ of R 30 per packet.

First we went to feed Ostrich, our driver advised us to keep your palm straight while feeding to Ostrich otherwise it will hurt your palm.

Feeding to Ostrich

Ostrich are largest bird weighing up to 150 kg & can run at 70 kms / hour. They lay 15 to 20 eggs which hatch after an incubation period of 40 days. Each egg has a capacity equal to about 24 chicken eggs.

After that we went up to a platform made to feed Giraffe, it was really a dirty experience to feed a giraffe as our palm was fully clad with saliva.

Giraffe is world’s tallest Mammal It has extremely long neck and legs. The long legs allow to run 50 kms / hr over short distance and cruise comfortable 16 kms / hr over long distance. The average height of Giraffe is around 16-20 feets & weight over 800 kgs. The tounge of Giraffe is quite long , around 20-21 inches which help in plucking tasty morsels from branches of tree.

Feeding to Giraffe

We spent some time with Giraffe & ostrich and then proceeded towards parking area and moved further for safari. My other colleagues were very excited to see the King of Jungle as they were here first time and never spotted Lion so closely , I was more excited for city tour because I already had safari last year.

King of Jungle

After 15- 20 minutes of taxing we saw Antelopes. As informed in my previous post also that Male Antelopes are in black colour and female are in dark brown .



Moving further we encountered with White lions , they were looking very calm and quiet but by mistake had anyone happened to be out of the car,he would have been their lunch for the day.

After that we saw yellow lions. Clicked some of their pictures .We may not get chance to see Lions so closely in future.

Moving ahead we saw Cheetah lying on ground, they are very dangerous species , one of the fastest running animal.

Lastly we saw Zebras & than we came out of the Park & proceeded further for Johannesburg city tour which was my main agenda for this trip.


Self-drive is allowed till sunset after that only guided tour is allowed. 

Every Wednesday one can enjoy night feeding to Lions at 7.30 PM.

In my next tour I will take you to the place which is known as the birth place of Humanity. 


  1. Its a fantastic place. I remember, when I visited almost 8-9 years back. I for the first time realized, how huge is Lion.